Wonderful Wednesday August 14, 2013

Time for wonderful dreaming! Where would I want to be in the world coming fortnight?

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil’s eco wonder-island, with beautiful beaches and soothing warm waters filled with dolphins and sea turtles.

Photo’s Fred Schinke and Paula Cristina (on the right).

The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and lies 345 km off the northeast coast of Brazil.To preserve the unspoiled environment and its delicate ecosystem, only 420 tourists are allowed on the island at any one time, guaranteeing empty beaches and tranquility. 

August sees the end of the rainy season and nature is in a state of overdrive with explosions of greenery. But the best of Noronha is to be found on and under water. With visibility up to 50 meters and more than two hundred species of fish, five shark species, sea turtles and dolphins., the island is a mecca for divers and snorkelers. And when the sea gets rough, surfers flock to the island.

While some of Brazil’s top beaches – Praia do Leão, Baía dos Porcos and Baía do Sancho – can be found on the island, the big draw are the resident spinner dolphins – they jump out of the water and spin around in acrobatic spirals – that turn up every day in their hudndreds at surnrise in Dolphin Bay. They swim inside the bay, where the sea is calm and protected, for resting, reproducing and suckling and in the afternoon move again to the high sea in search of food. Would love to see this!


Photo Roberto Faccenda. 

A small paradise on earth, where even the sharks are said to be friendly!

Wonderful Wednesday is a biweekly  series of places, festivals, destinations, hikes, etc etc where I would like to be in the world the coming 14 days, if no restrictions would apply.