Deep down in South West India a tropical paradise is waiting to be explored. With the Arabian Sea in the west, the hills of the Western Ghats in the east and networked by 44 rivers, Kerala offers a divers range of possibilities, all within easy driving distance from each other.

Privat beach Marari - Kerala

Privat beach Marari- Kerala

Kerala 2012 041

Lots and lots of tea

The abundancy of spices and a booming spice trade has attracted foreigners for centuries. Kerala has been ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch and Brits for a long time and their influence is still visible in the region.

Read about the Dutch influence here.

Kerala is the perfect holiday destination. It is beautiful, divers and easy going, perfect for an exciting & relaxing trip. Great beaches, rolling hills with tea and spice plantations, backwater boat trips, wild elephants (if you are lucky), friendly people and gorgeous seafood – the best I had in India.

And you can do and see some fun things. Kerala is famous for its snake boat races and elephant processions. But what would you think of washing an elephant or taking an elephant shower?

Elephant shower

Very very wet!

There are some very very pleasant hotels in Kerala to rest your wary head. One of my favourites is a local group of exceptional welcoming and comfortable hotels, with a strong environmental ethos and care for the local community. Or you can opt for an intimate collection of boutique serviced villas, right on the beach, run by an enthusiastic couple who will take care of all your needs.

Below you will find a gallery of photos giving a first impression of the region. Click on any photo to open the carousel.

The most popular time to visit Kerala is during our winter months (great temperatures!). Summer (March to May) is somewhat hot at the beach, but very pleasant in the hills. June to August is monsoon time – but it doesn’t rain all day and you will find lower prices and fewer crowds. September and October have pleasant temperatures with occasional rain.

Kerala is very suitable both for shorter and longer holidays, and great with kids.

You can fly through Delhi or Mumbai; but also via Dubai, which makes an ideal combination with your trip to Kerala.

If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact me. An example itinerary will follow soon.

Kerala – God’s own country

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