The Happy Olympics

Douze points pour l’ Angleterre – Twelve points for the United Kingdom!

IOC President Jacques Rogge declared the London 2012 Olympic Games “happy and glorious”. London 2012 promised a party and delivered!

It was like living in a big happy bubble with all these different nationalities supporting their favourites, thousands of volunteers cheering the crowds, cheerful military and jolly police agents.

Transportation ran pretty efficient and, despite all security measures, the atmosphere both in town and in the venues was great.

The Brits really showed themselves at their best, very friendly and of course with their famous dry humour. The Queen (just before her Olympic jump) and Mr Bean stealed the show at the Opening Ceremony.

And of course many many memorable sports moments.

Have a look at some pictures (from the pirvate collection of Ingrid Guepin and Jacobien Viets). I hope you enjoy!

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